A town and country planning and development specialist

As a New Caledonian public institution, OPT-NC (New Caledonia Postal and Telecommunications Services) has mobilised sufficient economic and human resources to fulfil its town and country planning and development mission, designed to address the needs of the people, communities and companies in New Caledonia.


With over 1000 staff and a wide range of missions, OPT-NC is one of the most important public institutions of New Caledonia, and plays a major role in the daily life of all inhabitants of the country. Its nationwide network covers the most isolated areas of the main island and of the Loyalty Islands. OPT-NC steadily continues to fulfil its public service mission and takes an active role in town and country planning, by innovating and providing means of communication to as many people as possible.

Its commercial network covers the whole Territory and comprises more than 50 branch post offices, 55 mobile postal services routes, 58 mail delivery rounds and more than 500 sales outlets (OPT and Mobilis retailers).



OPT-NC, whose Headquarters is in Noumea (New Caledonia), is an incorporated and state-funded industrial and commercial establishment with financial and administrative autonomy.
Resolution no. 051/CP dated 23 October 2000



1859 : La Direction des Postes (French mail service Management) was created and entrusted to the Harbour Master.

1862 : La Poste (French mail service) became independent.

1952 : New Caledonia postal, telegraph and phone services became “Le service des postes et du téléphone” (Postal and Phone Services).

1956 : The current form of “Office des Postes et Télécommunications” (Postal and Telecommunications Services) is ruled by a decree that was issued in December 1956. Local postal and telecommunications offices became part of public institutions, administered by a Board of Directors comprising representatives of the State and of the Territory.

1958 : Creation of New Caledonia Postal and Telecommunications Services, a local state-funded industrial and commercial establishment.

1988 : New Caledonia became responsible for all domestic postal and telecommunications services.

1996 : Launch of a GSM network (launch of "Liberté" in 1999) and creation of Offratel with France Câble Radio (FCR).

1999 : By virtue of the 1999 Organic Law, powers were transferred to New Caledonia with respect to international postal and telecommunications services, except for (a) government, defence and security links and communications; and (b) regulations on radio frequencies.

2001 : Launch of ADSL.

2003 : The management of OPT-NC was entrusted to New Caledonia on January 1, 2003.  Since then, local elected officials have implemented a development policy of OPT-NC and defined strategic directions for the three areas of expertise.

2004 : OPT-NC took the lead in international telecommunications services and missions of general interest on behalf of the State (financial services, safety radio watch) and of New Caledonia.

2008 : New services were provided through the "GONDWANA" submarine cable. OPT-NC bought CITIUS (formerly FCR).

2011 : 3G services were launched for the 14th South Pacific Games (NC 2011). OPT-NC collaborated in the creation of the Digital Observatory of New Caledonia (ONNC) and participated in the development of the Strategic Plan for a Digital Economy (PSEN). OPT-NC took part in the NC 2025 workshops on economy and town and country planning.

2012 :  the phonecard is no longer commercialized.

2013 :  OPT’s Board of Directors approved « OPT2017 Strategic Plan » in September 2013.  This long-term programme defines the ambition of the company according to New Caledonia’s development stakes and set the direction of the company in the 5 coming years.

2014 : OPT’s Board of Directors, headed by Mr Thierry Cornaille that year, approved the technical and commercial measures that had been set by the company to improve Internet access in New Caledonia.
The OPT-NC’s corporate website is launched. On the 2nd of December, OPT’s Board of Directors approved the creation of FIPOSTE subsidiary, which will be in charge of elaborating the Authorisation file for the « Caledonian Postal Bank » project.

2015 :  Launch of the 4G technology. Extension of the Optical Fiber.



At 31 December 2017


Total turnover : CFP 23 902 billion, including :  

  • Turnover (telecommunications sector) : CFP 20.954 billion (88% of total turnover)    
  • Turnover (mail/parcel sector) : CFP 2.323 billion (10% of total turnover)   
  • Turnover (financial services sector) : CFP 597 million (2% of total turnover)


CFP 9.05 billion


1 138 staff


CFP 206 million. 



In 2017 :

  • CFP 8.3 billion in investment.
  • CFP 4 billion in tax revenue for communities.
  • About CFP 40 million to support culture and sports in New-Caledonia.
  • More than 1 000 permanent staff and 1 622 New Caledonian providers
  • 400 retailers24 Mobilis partners5 ISTs