OPT-NC has three subsidiaries : CITIUS (international telecommunications transit operator), OFFRATEL (first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in New Caledonia) and FIPOSTE.

In 2008, OPT-NC bought up 85% of CITIUS’s shares, a semi-public company managing international telecommunications traffic. CITIUS became a simplified single shareholder company in 2011; it is now a subsidiary exclusively owned by OPT-NC.  
In November 2011, CITIUS officially launched their ICT hosting services when their Data Centre was put into production.  Since then, CITIUS has managed in house international telecommunications. The company employs 12 people and had a turnover of about CFP 730 million in 2015.


OPT-NC is OFFRATEL's majority shareholder (85% ownership), while CITIUS owns 15% of the shares. 
OFFRATEL, also known by its trade name of L@goon, is the first ISP in New Caledonia.  The company confirmed its leadership position with 41% Internet market share in New Caledonia.
OFFRATEL employs 46 people. The company’s turnover reached CFP 1.19 billion in 2015.

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Legal organisation aimed to hold the future Caledonian postal bank project, called FIPOSTE which is a full subsidiary of OPT-NC, which permanent status will be approved on 23th June 2015.
FIPOSTE is a simplified joint-stocked company, with a capital of CFP 250 million.