OPT 2017 Strategic Plan

The OPT2017 Plan reflects OPT’s ambition to address New Caledonia’s development issues. The Plan sets out the company’s guidelines and engages its responsibility for the next five years.

The OPT2013-2017 Strategic Plan – approved by the members of the Board of Directors in September 2013 – has three key directions :

  • A Town and Country Planning and Development Strategy aiming at (a) developing infrastructures, (b) ensuring access to digital services to support public policies, (c) lowering or maintaining rates and (d) providing services of general interest, while guaranteeing career development and respecting mutual commitments;
  • An Economic Strategy aiming at (a) building self-financing capacity to implement the town and country planning and development strategy, and (b) developing a new relationship-driven model and a common approach within OPT;
  • An Internal Strategy focused on OPT staff. This internal strategy is results-based at all levels, although the human factor remains the core concern.


OPT-NC’s Vision is defined by the key objectives that the company intends to meet by 2017.
These objectives are presented in the OPT2017 Plan.

OPT-NC works to the Vision :
“OPT actively contributes to the development of New Caledonia, ensuring that everyone has access to core services (such as banking, communication and digital services) and that those services meet user needs. The company also commits to high service and performance levels.”


The strategic objectives, based on OPT2017 Vision, correspond to the goals to be reached in order to achieve the Vision.


OPT-NC’s digital strategy – a key area in town and country planning - aims at :

  • addressing issues related to the development of New Caledonia in the following areas :
    • Economy : a vital tool for business development
    • Tourism : for the benefit of operators and visitors
    • Health : providing online consultations and monitoring tools
    • Education and vocational training
    • Bridging the digital divide, especially for users living in remote places
  • meeting the challenges of the Strategic Plan for a Digital Economy (PSEN) :
    • Giving New Caledonia access to Very high bit-rate DSL (VDSL)
    • Taking into account an environment where “everything is digital” (Internet, voice, audio-visual media, data, services, …)
  • initiating collaborative working relationships between all our partners :
    • Institutional partners : Local authorities, Digital Economy Committee …
    • Business partners : ISP, Information Systems Directorate (ISD), content providers …
    • Non-profit and technical partners : ONNC, SERAIL …
    • Representative bodies : CESE, CCI, CMA …
  • integrating New Caledonia into a digital environment
    • At the regional level : APNIC, PITA …
    • At the global level : ICANN, APTLD …