About OPT New Caledonia

A town and country planning and development specialist

As a New Caledonian public institution, OPT-NC (New Caledonia Postal and Telecommunications Services) has mobilised sufficient economic and human resources to fulfil its town and country planning and development mission, designed to address the needs of the people, communities and companies in New Caledonia.

Missions and areas of expertise

OPT provides services throughout New Caledonia in three areas of expertise : telecommunications, mail and parcel services, and financial services for individual and business customers.


The Board of Directors implements OPT-NC’s policy that was defined by the New Caledonian Government and Congress. The Directorate General coordinates all the divisions. At the core of this organisation, OPT staff are responsible for implementing the agreed policy.


OPT-NC has three subsidiaries : CITIUS (international telecommunications transit operator), OFFRATEL (first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in New Caledonia) and FIPOSTE.

OPT 2017 Strategic Plan

The OPT2017 Plan reflects OPT’s ambition to address New Caledonia’s development issues. The Plan sets out the company’s guidelines and engages its responsibility for the next five years.